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Travel with confidence! Experience the best of your destination with Assured and Tailored.

South Africa is an incredibly scenic country that offers so much to see and do. To make it a little simpler to decide which experiences to include on your South African safari, we've done the legwork in finding some of the most inspiring tours and accommodations available in our country.

We believe that the traveling experience should be tailored to be stress-free and comprehensive for travelers to South Africa. Our team of experts curates a range of accommodation options and tours that are sure to please any traveler. You can trust us to take care of every detail, from transportation to accommodations, so you can focus on having an enjoyable and stress-free trip. With Assured and Tailored, you can rest assured that your South African adventure will be unforgettable.

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Hoedspruit Bucket List


Assured and Tailored’s Hoedspruit Bucket List is designed to tickle your travel buds with our beautiful Wildlife Haven, traditions, and hospitality. This tour is for the traveler who simply wants to enjoy the beauty of our town and experience the South African locals. On this tour, you will be taken along some of the town’s main attractions, culinary and local experiences.


From R 12 000.00 per person sharing

3nights / 4days


Let’s capture some unforgettable moments to last a lifetime!

Magnificent Hoedspruit and Kruger Experience

A&T Elephant Whispers.jpg

Assured and Tailored’s Magnificent Hoedspruit and Kruger Experience are designed with the discerning traveler in mind. Enjoy the fantastic sights of the Kruger National Park and the magnificent Hoedspruit area ensuring a stress-free experience. Sandwiched between the world-famous Kruger National Park and the breathtaking Blyde River Canyon. Hoedspruit serves as a great base from which to explore the surrounding culture and natural attractions.


From R 33 735.00 per person sharing

5nights / 6days


Experience Hoedspruit and the Kruger with us for an unforgettable holiday!

Greater Kruger Safari and Garden Route Tour


Welcome to the most incredible parts of our beautiful country.  Assured and Tailored has designed the Greater Kruger Safari and Garden Route Tour

for those who seek adventure. Enjoy the fantastic sights of these diverse provinces, towns, and landscapes with us ensuring thrilling adventure.


Price on Request

6nights / 7days


Discover what South Africa has to offer from the bushveld to the beach.


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